The Wind’s Embrace

In gold-cast shades of morning’s birth,
I danced in joy of flight.
With naught but clouds to tread upon,
I scaled the gilded heights.

Though earth’s sweet voice did call me back,
I shunned her warm embrace,
For the soft caress of wind-born hands,
And the kiss of a sunlit face.

Held spellbound in the wind’s cool arms,
I climbed mountains of the sky,
And sailed upon the seas of air,
Where ne’er does the eagle fly.

Is this then what the bird does feel,
Each time she spreads her wings?
To hear, as I, within her soul,
This song that freedom sings?

Oh, could I but stay there ‘mongst the clouds,
To fly forever free,
Then of all the beasts of earth and sky,
Most blessed would I truly be.

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