The Ebon Sea

I sailed upon an ebon sea,
In a ghostly ship of light,
To touch the souls of fire-born suns,
Bright flames in endless night.

In skies that know not light of day,
I soared on wings of dreams,
And gazed upon creation’s glory,
That shamed man’s tiny schemes.

The stars, they shone like unshed tears,
In the depths of eternity’s eyes,
As I danced along the astral ways,
Where no earthly bird e’er flies.

The song of the solar winds beckoned to me,
A siren to lead me astray,
To mysteries beyond all mortal ken,
Where dreams of infinity lay.

But, at last, the place of my birth did call,
To her wandering child, “Come home.”
And return I did to that blue-white sphere,
Till I once again do roam,

To that boundless place where silence is pure,
And no bonds of gravity chain.
Where living jewels of fire burn on.
Then free I’ll be again.

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