A Little Fanfic History and More

Ah, fan fiction, fan fiction.  My first love . . . well, in regards to writing, that is.  So, what circumstances led to me become a fanfic writer?  It all started in 1998 when one of my favorite TV shows, F/X: The Series, was cancelled, leaving the fans dangling with some major unresolved issues.  In order to tie up loose ends, several people on the F/X official forum chose to write stories picking up where the series left off, and, one day, I decided to try my hand at it, too.  Up until then, the only fiction writing I had done were the stories I wrote in the fifth grade and those I wrote as part of my lessons when I was enrolled in the Institute of Children’s Literature.  But I took the plunge anyway, and my passion for fan fiction was born. I spent years writing F/X stories, which retained a loyal fan base after its cancellation.  But then, in 2003, my attention was draw away from it and toward another TV series: Stargate SG-1.  I have been writing Stargate fanfics ever since then. Though some people scoff at the idea of writing fan fiction, those who do don’t … Continue reading