From the Ashes Has Been Published!

I am now officially a published author! From the Ashes went “live” on’s Kindle book store at a little before three a.m. this morning. I sat staring at the page for several seconds, clapping with glee. No, not at three a.m. If I’d still been up at that time of morning, I doubt I’d have had the energy or mental capacity to do anything with glee.

It has taken so long to get to this moment that it almost doesn’t seem real. In a way, I suppose you could say that I’ve been a published author since 1998, when . . .
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From the Ashes Excerpts

Here are a few excerpts from the story to give you a little taste. Enjoy! :-)

Unsure what to say next, Falon didn’t speak for a moment.  He was about to make a comment about the nice weather when Beth suddenly blurted out, “Would you like to go for a hike with me?”

Taken completely by surprise, he didn’t reply for a few seconds, which was apparently long enough for her to regret her outburst.  Her cheeks turned pink, and she exclaimed, “I’m sorry!  I didn’t really mean to say that.  It just popped right—”


Beth paused.  “Yes?”

“Yes, I’d . . .
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How “From the Ashes” Came to Be

Though definitely not my first original fiction story idea, this one won the race to be the first one completed.  Once the idea took root in my mind, my muse grabbed hold of it and wouldn’t let go.

So how was this plot bunny born?  When I began reading Kindle eBooks, the first genre I went to was fantasy, it being my favorite.  From that genre, I segued into paranormal romance.  I soon found one in which the leading man had the ability to command the seas.  That one got me to thinking about stories in which the hero could . . .
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