From the Ashes

From the Ashes

As a child, Beth loved the tales of magical, mythical creatures, imagining that, one day, she’d meet one. With adulthood, however, came the acceptance that none of them actually existed. Little did she know that the day would come when her childhood dream would come true, and she’d find out that one of those creatures wasn’t a myth after all.

Falon was the last of his kind, the sole surviving member of a proud and immortal race that once ruled the skies and commanded the power of fire. For many years he had been alone. He had given up on love, no longer able to bear the heartbreak of watching the women he loved grow old and die as he remained forever young.

But then the day came when he met Elizabeth Fay, and, against his will, he felt love stirring once again in his heart. But will he let himself have a life with her, believing that it can only end in heartache? Will they have any chance of a life together at all when a ruthless man determined to get what he wants steps into their lives?

About the Characters

Born many centuries ago, Falon is a powerful immortal who has lived through the tragic demise of his people until only he survives. Though he has known love in years past, he lacks the one thing that will make his life truly complete, the one thing he believes he can never have: a woman to love from whom he will never have to part. Having now turned his back on love, he grows progressively sadder and lonelier with each passing year. For him, immortality has become a curse.

Born and raised in a small Oregon city, Beth is a woman who has never known what it’s like to be in love. Her shyness and cautiousness in regards to relationships have held her back, making it hard for her to give her heart completely. Though she believes that she’s perfectly happy being single, deep down inside, she longs for a man who will sweep her off her feet and make her feel all the things she never has.

From the Ashes is a 60,700 word paranormal romance novel. It contains sexual content, mild profanity, and some violence. The sexual content is spicy but without overly descriptive details. It is recommended for ages 17 and over.

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