Here is a list of my original novels and novellas, both those that are complete and the ones that are still in progress.

From the Ashes

Length: Novel – Approx. 60,700 words
Status: Published, presently available only on
Categories: Romance, Paranormal Romance
Content Warning: Adult Themes, Graphic Sexual Content, Mild Profanity, Violence

As a child, Beth loved the tales of magical, mythical creatures, imagining that, one day, she’d meet one. With adulthood, however, came the acceptance that none of them actually existed. Little did she know that the day would come when her childhood dream would come true, and she’d find out that one of those creatures wasn’t a myth after all.

Falon was the last of his kind, the sole surviving member of a proud and immortal race that once ruled the skies and commanded the power of fire. For many years he had been alone. He had given up on love, no longer able to bear the heartbreak of watching the women he loved grow old and die as he remained forever young.

But then the day came when he met Elizabeth Fay, and, against his will, he felt love stirring once again in his heart. But will he let himself have a life with her, believing that it can only end in heartache? Will they have any chance of a life together at all when a ruthless man determined to get what he wants steps into their lives?

My Adventures in Time-Traveling

Length: Novel – word count undetermined
Status: First draft complete
Categories: Science Fiction, Romance
Content Warning: Adult Themes, Sexual Content, Mild Profanity, Violence

Michael Greyson thought it was going to be just another day at the office, but that was before a beautiful woman claiming to be from the future suddenly entered his life and told him that he was the only person who could save the planet from destruction. Oh, yes, and there were a bunch of nasty people who would do everything in their power to kill him before he could succeed.

Thus is Michael launched headlong into an adventure he is ill-prepared for as he and the time-traveling heroine struggle to prevent a catastrophe that will wipe out virtually all life on Earth. In the process, Michael discovers the truth about his mysterious past and the strange ability he has possessed all his life.

My Adventures in Time-Traveling is a mixture of tongue-in-cheek humor, suspense, adventure, and romance. Follow the irreverent Michael Greyson as he struggles to adapt to the new reality of his life and stay alive long enough to save the planet – all while trying to maintain his sense of humor.

Ring of Wishes

Length: Novella – word count undetermined
Status: First draft just getting started
Categories: Urban Fantasy
Content Warning: Adult Themes, Sexual Content, Mild Profanity, Violence

All who possess it desire to keep it . . . and therein lay their doom.

Throughout the ages, the ring had passed from owner to owner. It gifted to each one the ability to achieve all they desired simply by wishing for it. Great wealth? It was theirs. Power and prestige? They need only ask for it. Most of the ring’s owners would do anything to keep it: lie, cheat, steal, even kill.

Yet the ring was also cursed by the one who created it centuries ago. The curse states that everyone who uses the ring will ultimately be destroyed by the very things it gives to them until the day that the one who discovers the true secret of its power becomes its master.

Matthew Taylor had purchased the metal detector on a whim. He really didn’t expect it to find enough of value to even pay for itself. But that was before he found the ring. He could tell that it was old, but neither of the antique dealers he showed it to were able to deduce its origins.  Strangely, though, both of them seemed very eager to purchase it. Matthew wasn’t ready to sell it yet and decided to do a bit of research on it instead.

With that decision, Matthew is launched into a frightening and deadly adventure as he discovers the power of the ring and finds out that there are people who will stop at nothing to possess it. And, even if he manages to keep it out of their hands, will he escape the deadly curse . . . or be its next victim?


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