A Little Fanfic History and More

Ah, fan fiction, fan fiction.  My first love . . . well, in regards to writing, that is.  So, what circumstances led to me become a fanfic writer?  It all started in 1998 when one of my favorite TV shows, F/X: The Series, was cancelled, leaving the fans dangling with some major unresolved issues.  In order to tie up loose ends, several people on the F/X official forum chose to write stories picking up where the series left off, and, one day, I decided to try my hand at it, too.  Up until then, the only fiction writing I had done were the stories I wrote in the fifth grade and those I wrote as part of my lessons when I was enrolled in the Institute of Children’s Literature.  But I took the plunge anyway, and my passion for fan fiction was born.

I spent years writing F/X stories, which retained a loyal fan base after its cancellation.  But then, in 2003, my attention was draw away from it and toward another TV series: Stargate SG-1.  I have been writing Stargate fanfics ever since then.

Though some people scoff at the idea of writing fan fiction, those who do don’t understand that, in some ways, it is more difficult than writing original fiction.  You are writing stories taking place in a “world” that someone else created, about characters that thousands of people have come to know.   Under most circumstances, you must stay true to those characters and the history that has been established.  This is different from original fiction, where the characters and world are created by you, so you can do anything you please with them.

Writing fan fiction takes a high level of passion and commitment.  After all, you are spending countless hours writing something that you won’t make a dime from.  And, though I have read lots of truly dreadful fanfics, I have also found some with a quality of writing equal to any published book I have ever read.  I know that writing fan fiction has improved my writing skill tremendously.  I am a far better writer now than I was when I wrote my first fanfic.

Though, right now, my attention is focused on writing original fiction, I have no intention of completely abandoning fan fiction.  It will always be a love of mine.

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